Our Approach

Our Partnership will Create Long-Term Value

Managing Partner Steve Lee as well as certain key team members will join senior management post-acquisition to preserve your legacy and build upon the incredible success you have established

Committed for the Long-Term
  • 100% committed to leading the business for the long term

  • Your business is our sole focus. It will not be absorbed within a larger parent company or positioned for a quick flip through cost cutting measures and headcount reduction

  • Our seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors will advise on long-term value creation

Relationship Driven
  • We value people and relationships above everything

  • We have experience managing people and operations

  • We offer flexibility and liquidity as you transition from managing day-to-day operations

Differentiated Model
  • We offer you the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day or assume a more focused role, and help shape the future of the business

  • We won't renegotiate and grind you on terms

  • Our entrepreneurial roots provide us with a unique perspective

The Kiva Difference: Focused on Your Business and Legacy
Kiva Capital Partners is seeking a high quality business that satisfies the following criteria:
Industry Criteria
  • Sizeable and growing industry

  • Fragmented landscape

  • Low business cycle exposure

Business Criteria
  • Recurring / contractual revenue

  • Defensible competitive advantage

  • Identifiable growth opportunities

  • Diverse, loyal customer base

Financial Criteria
  • $5 - $50 million in annual sales

  • Positive cash flow ($1 - $7 million)

  • History of profitability and growth